The Gemballa Porsche 930 Custom Wall Art

The Gemballa Porsche 930 Custom Wall Art

Mo messaged me and was hoping that I can make a print for his friend who has a Porsche 911 (930).


Upon looking at the photos I wasn't too sure which mod was done to the Porsche 930 and went into research mode on the Internet. I ended up spending a few hours on and off just trying to figure out possible mods of the 930 and still got no where.

Mo doesn't know too much about his friend's car as well and we couldn't quite ask him about it since it is going to be a birthday present surprise.

Mo was able to share a few more Instagram photos that he found on his friend's profile and I decided to give it a go based on what was available to me. (I looked up the Gemballa body kit but it wasn't an exact match)



The render was based on a stock 993 Carrera RS and went from there. The key elements of this car is the body kit, headlight, rear spoiler as well as the air intake all around the bumpers and fenders.

I first worked on the front which I shaved the side blinker, headlights and clean up the OEM front bumper. 

Next, I added the unique air scoop, special side marker, the square headlights and matching rims. 

The rear side of the car is a little more straight forward. I used the Gemballa rear wing and added the air intake vents and change the exhaust to side exit.

Mo also wanted to have the print designed in vintage style ad format. We ended up choosing the "Roll down windows at 160 mph" design which I find very suiting.

Just before delivering the final product. Mo suggested that we should trim off the headlight a bit more and so I did and added the metal rivets as well.

I heard back from Mo a month later and he was excited to share that his friend LOVE the print and have proudly framed and display it in his kitchen.

The car ended up to be a 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo converted with a Zeemax 993 forward date kit and mix in a bit of Gemalla Bi-Turbo into it. No wonder we couldn't find a matching reference photo on the Internet. 

It was a fun project and I think we made someone really really happy.


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