Resurrected Sepang Blue Audi RS5

Resurrected Sepang Blue Audi RS5

I always have a thing for Audi, for the B6 A4 being my first car. When David approached me about making an ownership certificate for his RS5, I was very excited. He sent me his instagram which gave me access to lots of photo as reference.

I love that vibrant Sepang Blue and it really make the car stand out. I rendered a few variations so we can match the colour as precise as possible. 

David also gave me some feedback on what he likes to enhance on the print as well, it is an ownership certificate after all so we want to make sure all the details are included.

I later learnt that this RS5 had gotten into some serious accident before and David had decided to repair it instead of writing it off. This print is an inspiration to him to complete the repair and continue to drive and love the car for years to come.

At the end, David is super stoked with the print and happy with how it turned out.

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